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Nestle Polo Mint Original 34g

Nestle Polo Mint Original 34g

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  • Whether you grab a packet for your bag or keep them in your desk, nothing beats the minty taste of POLO® Original
  • Whether you suck your POLO® or crunch it up in one go, they're a great way to refresh your day
  • With real peppermint oil in every crunchy, holey mint, there's no mistaking the taste of a POLO® Original
  • Every crunchy peppermint sweet is the perfect minty refresher for your breath
  • Suck or crunch a POLO® after your lunch or coffee break, before a presentation, or as a refresher for your breath during the afternoon
  • Enjoy them at your desk or on the go - and add some minty deliciousness to your day!
  • When you're on the go, make sure you take some of these delicious breath freshening mint sweets with you
  • Wherever your day takes you, face the world a bit mintier and fresher with POLO®
  • POLO® was born in 1948, and we've been bringing minty, crunchy refreshment to the UK ever since
  • POLO® mints are produced in York, where we've been producing these holey little mints since they were invented
  • The mint with the hole®, In Original Mint flavour, Refresh your breath wherever you are with a POLO®, Made with real peppermint oil
  • Suitable for vegetarians




Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Starch, Stearic Acid, Mint Oils




Store in a cool dry place.

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