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PG Tips Loose Leaf Tea 250g

PG Tips Loose Leaf Tea 250g

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  • They're naturally low in calories and have similar levels of caffeine as green tea because both green tea and black tea come from the same plant
  • What's more, the caffeine in tea is relatively low, approximately half as much as coffee, and moderate amounts of tea (6 cups/day) do not show negative effects on the body
  • Every cup of PG is also a great source of fluid & can contribute to the 6 to 8 cups of fluid you need every day!
  • Ever heard of antioxidants? You get them in fruit and vegetables and they're really good for you
  • There are also plenty of them tea, called flavonoids
  • Which means with PG, you've not only got a tasty tea but a healthier diet brewing
  • So keep eating your fruit and vegetables and top your antioxidants with PG! PG Tips: naturally healthy and full of flavonoids


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Store in cool dry place.

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