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Rajah Ground Black Pepper Pouch 100g

Rajah Ground Black Pepper Pouch 100g

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  • Rajah Ground Black Pepper is ground from unripened berries of the Piper Nigrum vine that have been dried in the sun to provide a penetrating aroma and a characteristic warm, pungent flavour and lingering heat that is enjoyed universally as a seasoning and condiment
  • Generally black pepper is ready for harvesting when a berry in a cluster turns scarlet red. Then they are dried in the sun for about three days until they turn black after which they are ground to make black pepper
  • USAGE / STORAGE:  Pepper is an ingredient that you use in almost every savoury dish. It is available in many forms, ground, coarsely-ground, cracked and whole
  • The whole peppercorns are the best choice as they hold their freshness, flavour, and essential oils longer. When storing whole black peppercorns place them in a sealed container in a cool, dry place
  • This could make them last anywhere between 2 to 5 years whereas ground pepper begins to lose flavour after about four months
  • BENEFICIAL EFFECTS: Black pepper is known to help and treat a number of ailments
  • The oil of black pepper is often added to massage blends and applied to aching or painful joints and muscles
  • Other health benefits of black pepper include relief from respiratory disorders, coughs, common colds, constipation, indigestion, anaemia, impotency, muscular strains, dental disease, pyorrhoea, diarrhoea, and heart disease




Ground Black Pepper




Store in a cool, dry place. On opening store in an airtight container.

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